Thursday, December 22, 2011

Channukah Days Off

Noam and YNJ are off Friday and Monday.  Yavneh is off Monday, BPY has off at noon on Monday

Whats the deal with that?  Is it about giving non-Jewish employees a day off for Christmas, which is on Sunday this year?  For that do they need both Friday and Monday?  Is there no way the school can function for one day without the non-Jewish employees?  I would understand giving the day off on Christmas day itself in consideration to the bus drivers and neighbors but this year there really is no excuse.

We’re working hard to pay tuition bills and we get slapped in the face by schools giving completely unnecessary days off and making it really hard on the parents.  No, the teachers aren’t just babysitters but having them in school does in fact perform that function (among other functions). 

He’atid announced at the open house that they will have classes on election day (to wild applause).  I hope they will also have classes on Channukah.  Time to put the needs of the parents and the educational needs of the children ahead of the convenience of the faculty.  We have 20 or so less days than the public schools and we should try to make up every day we can.