Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marketing Expenses

Here’s a very nice video made by Yavneh to promote their school:

Similar ones can be found on Noam and BPY’s websites.  Some of them may have been made by volunteers but some had credits at the end that seem to imply that they were made by outside companies.

The Jewish Standard is littered with ads promoting every local Day School.   Many of our minivans have glossy magnetic bumper stickers with our school's logos embossed on them.

From the perspective of each individual school, these marketing tools make sense.  Spend a couple hundred thousand on marketing and attract a few dozen more kids to your school every year.  But from the perspective of the entire community it is money down the toilet.  Every school is spending money competing with the other schools for the same prospective students.  (Surely we agree that no one who sends to public school will spend a fortune sending to a Yeshiva because of a full page color photo of some smiling kids in kippot and skirts.)

Wouldn’t it make sense for all the Yeshivot to get together and agree to limit marketing expenses to a certain amount per child?  Can’t this be a win-win for all involved?  For the lawyers out there would this violate an anti-trust provision?


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