Thursday, June 14, 2012

SACS and the Township, Part 2

The charter school application was written about on both Teaneck Patch and in the Teaneck Suburbanite.  Suburbanite Staff Writer Howard Prosnitz has never hidden his disdain for our community and this article was no exception.  However, he outdoes himself in absurdity when, in this article he states the following:

"In an email to Teaneck Suburbanite, Finger wrote that the 92 students from Teaneck who would be attending Shalom Academy in September could be absorbed into Teaneck public schools with minimal increase, if any, in average class size. He noted that no new teachers would be hired "  

Minimal increase, if any. So there might be no increase in class size and definitely no new teachers hired despite having 92 additional kids.  That  makes a lot of sense.

At the end Prosnitz writes, "Raphael Bachrach, lead founder of Shalom Academy, did not reply to an email by press time."  I hope he holds his breath waiting for that reply.

What caught my eye in the Teaneck Patch article was the statement "State education officials have said they would review Shalom Academy again before July 15 to determine if the school can open in the fall."  That contradicts the email from SACS that I published yesterday that states that approval by Teaneck BOA is " the only thing standing in our way for final charter approval."  Someone has their facts wrong.