Friday, July 6, 2012

Silence is Deafening

Last we heard SACS was going to find a temporary location in Englewood so they could submit their application by June 30th to the Department of Education which would make its decision by July 15th on whether or not to approve the Charter School. They had a lease on 125 Galway Place in Teaneck but were not prepared for the June 21st meeting at the Township Zoning Board seeking a certificate of occupancy for educational use.  The meeting was pushed off to July 19th but that is after the deadline for submitting their location to the DOE.

Anyway June 30th has come & gone & no parents have heard a peep from the "school."  Local papers haven't had anything on it so I'm guessing they are in the dark as well.  It's probably time to throw in the towel for a Fall 2012 opening.  They can still have the meeting with Teaneck on the 19th so maybe they can get the approval on Galway place for Fall 2013.

If anyone has any more information please let us know.

Shabbat Shalom.