Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Post: Technology Initiative Aid Bill

Parents of the Day School in Edison received a letter encouraging them to call their State Assemblymen asking them to vote for a bill that would provide funding for education technology in non-public schools (see letter after the jump).  I encourage my readers in BC to do the same by contacting our assemblymen.  Their contact info can be found by clicking here.

  February 13, 2012

Re: Non-public school technology initiative aid

Dear Parents and Friends:

A non-public school technology initiative aid bill (“A238”) was recently introduced in the
New Jersey legislature that will reinstate $7,000,000 in non-public school technology aid to
New Jersey school districts that was cut from the state budget in 2010. If A238 is passed
and ultimately becomes law, the state will give technology aid to New Jersey school districts
to be allocated to non-public school students at a rate of $40 per student. RPRY would
then receive over $17,000 a year in technology aid from the state of New Jersey.

A238 has been referred to the New Jersey Assembly Education Committee, which is chaired
by our local Assembly Member Patrick Diegnan. We need your help to persuade Assembly
Member Diegnan and his committee to support A238.

A 10 second phone call can get a bill on an Assembly Member's radar. If an Assembly Member
receives a few phone calls a day about a specific bill he will know that his constituents really
want the bill supported. A 10 second phone call to your Assembly Members consists of saying
(either to a staffer or on a voicemail) "Hi, my name is _______, I live in ________, I am
calling to ask Assembly Member _______ to co-sponsor and support bill A-238 to reinstate
non-public school technology initiative aid."

We are writing to ask you to call our Assembly Members Patrick Diegnan and Peter Barnes
III (both from New Jersey’s18th Legislative District, which includes East Brunswick,
Edison, and Highland Park) once a week until Pesach to ask them to co-sponsor and
support A238. Assembly Member Patrick Diegnan's office phone number is (908) 757-1677,
and Assembly Member Barnes office phone number is (732) 548-1406. (If you live in another
district, our business office will gladly provide you with the appropriate contact information).

We are always searching for ways to keep yeshiva tuition affordable and are asking that you
take 10 seconds out of your busy schedules each week until Pesach to help us make this
initiative succeed. Please add the number(s) above to your speed-dial for this short period
of time and call to help make a difference.

Very truly yours,

Marc Turansky                                                                                  Hillel Raymon
President                                                                                             Chair
Board of Directors                                                                            Board of Education