Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Morah in Chief

The poll we did asking about if a woman could be a principal of a yeshiva day school came out resoundingly in favor.  82% yes to 15% no.  I was actually surprised that so many more said "no" than "ask a Rav" since I thought that the only objection anyone would have would be that it has to go through the proper halachic channels.

The reason it's relevant to a blog about tuition is that we always hear about how admins need to make so much money because they have big families that they are supporting on their own.  But what if one of the Morahs who have a husband who is also working were principal.  Could we then pay them more in line with what principals of small non-yeshivas make?

Now of course you can't pay less to a woman than you were paying to a man for performing the same job.  But as the economy improves and salaries start going up perhaps the principal's salary wouldn't increase as fast if the principal couldn't guilt us into paying more because they were the sole providers for their families.

The only ones who I know would object to the proposal would be the National Council of Young Israel who issued an edict declaring that women (and converts) can't serve as presidents or vice-presidents of shuls.  But I don't care what they have to say because their leadership is about as legitimate as Kim Jong-un's.