Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Westchester Torah Academy Announces Location, Open House

Westchester Torah Academy, AKA Yeshivat Netzach, will be having its open house at 8pm on Monday, November 26th at its location in the Temple Israel of New Rochelle (1000 Pinebrook Boulevard).  No word on any free tuition raffles.  The school is opening IY"H in September, with Kindergarten and 1st grade classes, with Pre-K and 2nd grade under consideration.  Their website talks about blended learning, 21st century education, high-quality, sustainable, affordable etc.  In other words, He'atid.

It was originally going to be called New Roc Torah Academy but I guess they wanted to appeal to other Westchester communities like White Plains & Scarsdale.  It's also only 20 miles from Englewood so definitely an option  for Bergen County.

So the movement is definitely taking off.  Time will tell if it's sustainable in the long run but definitely making life a lot easier for young frum families in the short run.

Tuition schedule is as follows:
  • Pre-K – $8,750
  • Kindergarten – $9,750
  • 1st Grade – $9,750
  • 2nd Grade – $9,750