Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tiferet Trying to Open a 2nd & 3rd Grade in September

Interviews & Evaluations
Tiferet admissions team meets 50 students & their parents!

Rabbi Sacks and his admissions team conducted the first of multiple rounds of group interviews and evaluations this past Sunday for approximately 50 PreK through 1st Grade students.

Rabbi Sacks led the interviews together with two child psychologists with extensive experience in assessing children for school placement. Rabbi Sacks engaged the children by playing music on a keyboard and singing songs, warming them up for their individual assessments with professional child psychologists. Rabbi Sacks also met with every parent, outlining the goals for the school, the students, and how to make the most of the relationship between faculty and parents.

Tiferet classes are quickly filling up!
Registrations will be prioritized first come, first served
PreK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade
We are excited to announce that we have already exceeded expected demand for PreK, K, and First grades and are currently assessing whether to open additional classes for these grades to accommodate all applicants. A decision will be made by the application deadline of February 1st, 2013. Please apply immediately to reserve space for your child.

2nd and 3rd Grade
2nd and 3rd grades are also growing quickly. We will make a final decision regarding these grades by February 1st, 2013. Space is limited, so please apply right away to reserve space for your child. The February 1st, 2013 deadline is fast approaching.