Monday, February 11, 2013

NNJKIDS Awareness Month

If you haven't already, expect a hard sell for NNJKIDS from your local schools and shuls this month.  For those who don't know about it, NNJKIDS is a fund that collects money from the community and distributes it to the local day schools.  More info can be found on the JFEG website.

I favor an all-in approach to the tuition crisis so that means working on both the revenue and the expense sides of the ledger.  Bear in mind that every tax-deductible dollar we donate is one less taxable dollar that we have to give in the form of tuition.

Anyway here's the pitch from Yavneh:

Yavneh Academy - ישיבת יבנה
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Along with the other day schools in Bergen County, we continue to seek solutions to the issue of Day School affordability.  To that end, we continue to partner with JewishEducation For Generations (JEFG), which seeks to develop transformational solutions that will ensure the future of our schools.

The impact of our relationship with JEFG has been strong and meaningful.  Working together, we have made advances in reducing our costs and limiting our tuition increases.  Specifically, their fundraising arm, NNJKIDS has successfully engaged our total community in the critical need to help fund the $8 million of scholarships our Day Schools award each year.  NNJKIDS has received contributions from over 1,500 families across our community and has distributed over $1,500,000 to our area’s schools.  NNJKIDS also demonstrates important unity and establishes Day Schools as a priority in our community. Its success serves as a catalyst for all other important JEFG initiatives.

While this is strong progress, we must increase the funding support we get from the broader community.  As we did last year, we will focus attention on this issue by dedicating February as NNJKIDS Awareness Month, a community-wide series of events encompassing synagogues and day schools, all focused on raising funds to support local Jewish Day School education.

Yavneh Academy has been a beneficiary of NNJKIDS and is actively participating in this exciting program. Our tzedaka funds collected in classrooms throughout February will be earmarked for support of NNJKIDS. 

The key to the success of NNJKIDS and the future of our children's education is total communal support.  Our goal is to double the number of NNJKIDS subscribers and ease the burden of day school tuition.

If you have not yet signed up as a regular contributor to NNJKIDS, please visit to subscribe today.

Eric Fremed, President
Rabbi Jonathan Knapp, Principal