Thursday, February 21, 2013

Update From Yeshivat Winthrop

Inspired by Noam's event from last night, the Winthrop Yeshiva is getting in on the action!

Purim Sameach!!

The Winthrops

Our Children's Education:
The Yellow Brick Road to Affordability
Sunday, February 24th, 2013, at 4pm, in the Winthrop Yeshiva Ballroom

The theme of the conference is:
Ad D'lo Yada: Why it makes perfect sense for the most expensive school in town to host a conference on tuition affordability.

Catering by Foremost Expensive Caterers
Full open bar - Top Shelf Liquors
Couvert: $2500 per person
(Note: cost for Winthrop Yeshiva families is covered by the $5000 per family Tuition Affordability Fee)

Speakers include:
  • Warren Buffett: Paying Your Fair Share of Tuition
  • Chaim Winthrop: Blended Learning?  I Prefer Single Malt
  • Assemblyman Shmuel Sheyster: How To Get Taxpayers to Pay Your Tuition Bills
  • Rabbi Josh Pruzansky: Please Don’t Confuse Me With That Other Rabbi
Co-Sponsored by: