Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BPY Increases, Moriah stays flat for 2013/2014

Link to the right shows the new BPY tuition schedule.  Tuition stays flat for Pre-K though they still haven't cut tuition for that grade as every other BC school has in order to compete with some of the new low-cost options.  1st-4th grades go up by $400 & 5th-7th goes up by $600.  They sent this letter explaining it.

Meanwhile, Moriah announced that they are keeping tuition flat for next year though they are adding a $285 assessment per family to cover security upgrades. They are also adding 5 more days to the calendar.  See their letter here.

As the letter explains, Moriah is making some budget cuts to reflect their smaller enrollment, which is something Westchester Day School should consider now that they have a low-cost competitor poaching some of their students.