Monday, January 16, 2012

Guest Post: Community Talmud Torah

I think after all the back & forth yesterday about public schools vs Yeshiva it's clear that there is no clear metric to determine whether yeshiva day schools or public schools give a "better" secular education, or which kids or parents have better manners.  The two things that are clear are:

1. Public Schools are a lot less expensive, and

2. Public Schools will not provide your children with a Torah environment or a Torah education.

The following guest post discusses a potential solution to the latter point:

"Regarding the discussion about Jewish students attending Teaneck high school I'd like to let everyone know about a new program that I'm starting in September 2012 -- it addresses many if not all of the concerns raised on this blog regarding the challenges facing teens not attending Jewish day school.  Community Talmud Torah is planned as a small alternative program, not to replace the yeshiva day school model, but to offer a viable alternative. 

  • Our innovative  curriculum gives students the tools to engage primary texts and become lifelong learners of Torah.
  • Our individual mentoring program addresses social concerns enabling students to become lifelong livers of Torah in any environment.
  • Our spiritually mindful approach to Judaism enables students to become lifelong lovers of Torah, today.
  • Our tuition for September 2012 is $5,500.
  • We will meet Monday through Thursday from approximately 4:30-6:30 pm.

Please fell free to learn more about our program at: 

or contact me directly at

Yoel Kaplan
Founder & Director"