Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yavneh Extends EC Hours

The letter below was sent out by Yavneh outlining changes that are being taken to make it easier for parents of young children to work and afford tuition.  I applaud Yavneh for taking these steps and I think we need to keep up the pressure on all of the local schools to take our needs into account.  By making our voices heard through phone calls, emails and in person we really can make a difference.  And no doubt competition from the new, more affordable Yeshiva option is helping force some of these changes.

Dear Early Childhood families,

We are writing to communicate some exciting changes and opportunities regarding the length of the school day and extended care options for our early childhood program starting in September 2012.

After careful consideration, and based on discussions with many of our families, we have decided to extend the Pre-K school day until 3:20. Essentially, that means that all students in grades Pre-K through fifth grade will have same length of school day, from 8:15-3:20. This change has many practical benefits, including one unified dismissal for carpool purposes and extended Pre-k hours for working families. We will communicate the revised carpool procedure as next year approaches. The opportunity to have a carpool pick up Pre- K students a few minutes earlier for those who need to be home to meet the buses is in the works as well.

Additionally, due to increased inquires, we will be lengthening our extended hours program.  We would like to offer extended care program ending at the following times: 4:00/4:30/6:00. However, in order to do so, we need to gauge if there is sufficient interest.  While this is not yet considered a firm commitment, it would be very helpful if you would express your intentions for next year to us no later than March 15th, so we can plan accordingly.

 The cost for the Monday-Thursday program is calculated  at $6 per hour.
3:20pm- 4:00pm         $525 per year
3:20pm -4:30pm         $900 per year
3:20pm- 6:00pm        $2100 per year
Please email Mrs. Georgia Cohen at gcohen@yavnehacademy.org if you are sincerely interested in our expanded after care program.

We hope that these initiatives will give our children a fuller early childhood 
experience and be helpful to the families of our school.

Rabbi Jonathan Knapp

Mr. Joel Kirschner
Executive Director

Mrs. Georgia Cohen
Early Childhood Director