Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have a Great Yeshiva Week (and a half)

We've been at it for a month now & I think we've had mostly positive discussions about how to pay for Jewish & secular education for our children.  Thank you to all the readers for making this blog a success.  A special thanks to all those who contributed guest posts and/or comment regularly. For the most part I think we have disseminated our ideas in a respectful tone.

Readership and comments have gone down significantly from the time we started the blog.  This is primarily because of the new format we're using where people have to log in and use screen names.  People now have to put in a little effort and sacrifice some anonymity in order to comment.  This means less comments, and by extension less readers, but less name-calling and improved quality of the comments.  I think the trade-off is worth it.

One thing that I'm finding a little annoying is the "threading."    This is when the comments are indented to allow for separate conversations within 1 post.  Problem is you can't quickly see which are the latest comments by scrolling to the bottom.  Now that we all have screen names we can have multiple conversations without the "threading" feature and without having to respond to other comments by calling them 5:45 or 7:31.  I'm curious to see how everyone feels about eliminating the "threading" feature before taking it off.  Also, feel free to give any other feedback about how I can improve this blog.

I'll try to take a little break from posting until the break is over, if I can manage to keep my opinions to myself for that long.

For those of us working hard so we can afford our tuition bills or staying home to conserve funds I applaud you.  For those who are on vacation, enjoy it!  See you when you get back!