Monday, August 13, 2012

Novel Concept: Fee for Services

Yavneh sent out an email (after the jump) stating that they are "thrilled" to inform about a fee for service program for speech/language therapy and occupational therapy for students who do not qualify for county sponsored programs.

This is a welcome change from the trend of the past few decades of everything moving to the communal pot, which is part of what caused tuitions to skyrocket.  Therapy for students that don't qualify for county subsidies are really somewhat of a luxury and should be paid for by the individual parents rather than burdening everyone else with them  Personally, I would make music & art a fee-for-service as well.

It would be nice to see the public schools move some extra-curricular activities to fee for service as well rather than having taxpayers pay for everything but that's a topic for another blog.

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We are thrilled to inform you that Yavneh Academy will continue to offer fee for service individual speech/language therapy services at school.  We will also continue to offer fee for service occupational therapy in our sensory gym in the Learning Center.  Bergen County small group speech sessions, as well as occupational therapy, will continue to service children who are eligible.  Fee for service is helpful for students who would benefit from either additional support or who do not meet the criteria for county support, but do need help in those areas.

Having school based therapy has been helpful for parents who cannot take their children to therapy after school.  It also allows students to have therapy during the day instead of after a long day of school and enables the therapist to work closely with each student’s classroom teacher.

Teaneck Speech and Language, an exemplary speech practice in Teaneck, will be at Yavneh two days a week to service students with various speech/language needs in school.  Many of our students have benefited from this fee for service program in the past.  If you are interested in having your child receive therapy during the school day in a fee for service program please contact Aviva Ramras at Teaneck Speech and Language - 201-862-0333 ext. 104.

The occupational therapist, Raquel Reichman, is a wonderful practitioner who has many years of training and experience in the field.  Occupational therapy in the fee for service program can be helpful for students who are not eligible to receive services through the district and need various fine motor, gross motor, and sensory strengthening. If you are interested in having your child receive therapy during the school day in a fee for service program, please contact Raquel Reichman at 201-240-5639.

As always, we remain committed to meeting our students’ individual needs and look forward to a wonderful and successful year for all our children.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Sarah Feit at

Dr. Sarah Feit
Director of Special Services
Rabbi Jonathan Knapp