Monday, June 10, 2013

School Ending on Time

Back in November we speculated on whether or not the local schools would add days to the school year to make up for days lost because of Superstorm Sandy. Not surprisingly, none of them did.  They eliminated teacher training day (which should be eliminated permanently), but they did not add any days in June.

In fact, He'atid just announced that they are eliminating school on June 21st which was supposed to be the last day & are now ending school on June 20th, "in order to provide our faculty and staff the much needed time to properly end the school year."

Here are the dates of the last day of school for the 6 Orthodox JDS's in BC:

BPY - June 20
He'atid - June 20
Moriah (preschool) - June 20
Moriah grades 1-7 - June 21
Noam - June 19
RYNJ - June 20
Yavneh - June 19

P.S. When school ends at 11:30 it really shouldn't count as a day. For most families with 2 working parents it makes things harder than if school were just canceled altogether.