Friday, March 9, 2012

Early Childhood Conference

On Monday Moriah, Noam, BPY & Yavneh will not have pre-school classes because of the Early Childhood Development conference. If you calculate how much each school spends per day per child, based on 170 school days and 60 kids each in pre-k and Kindergarten just giving the day off is a cost to each schools families of about $10,000. That's in addition to whatever it costs to bring in "experts" to talk to the teachers. Is this really necessary? Can't all the sage wisdom the experts have to offer be put into written form that the teachers can read on their own time?

I'd like to hear from teachers what exactly they learned in these conferences that justifies the cost & why this information couldn't be read in an article & had to be taught at a conference.

I didn't see anything on YNJ's website about it. Can someone confirm that they are not participating? It would be nice to see some signs that "groupthink" hasn't completely infected every school.