Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to the "Goldbergs"

I didn't get any more responses from Teaneck Council candidates so I'm back to talking about the "Goldbergs" a hypothetical typical family of 5 from Teaneck attending one of the local Yeshiva Day schools.  Yeshivat Noam put their 2012/2013 tuition/fee schedule on the web & I linked to it on the side.  Yavneh still didn't but it's scanned in below (after the jump). So far I figured the breakdown is as follows for what this family would pay at the various local Jewish Day Schools:

JEC      $33,500
Yavneh $39,775
Noam   $46,625
BPY     $47,315
Solomon Schechter easily wins first prize at a whopping $55,800!

Still waiting on Moriah, RYNJ and JFS to publish their schedules.  If anyone has them please send them to me.

Of course if He'atid makes good on its commitment to keep prices constant (just adjusting for inflation), in 2016 a "Goldberg" family would be paying $25,970 in 2012 dollars.