Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Much Do the Goldbergs Have To Pay?

In order to do a basis of comparison for tuition in various schools on an apples-to-apples basis we need to make certain assumptions.  I’m going to compare all the fees based on a family of 5 not on scholarship & not getting any staff discounts.  Family has 3 children are in Pre-K, 2nd grade and 5th grade.  They attend the annual dinner every year and use the gift cards thru the Scrip program to buy things they were buying anyway (let’s ignore the credit card discounts they are passing up).  And let’s assume they want to keep all of their kids in the same school.  The 2 older kids attended the school since Kindergarten and the 3rd is a new student.  They make all payments on time and register as early as possible.  They don’t have a business thru which they can purchase ads in the dinner journal.  They want to purchase hot lunches for their kids every day but without pizza or any other special type.  Let’s call them the Goldbergs.  For 2012/2013 if they send their kids to BPY the Goldbergs will have to pay $47,315 (calculations after the jump).

When the other schools upload their tuition schedules we’ll see how the other schools stack up.  We can’t do He’atid because they don’t have a 2nd or 5th grade but we all know they are much less.

Assumptions were random & any similarity to any real family is purely coincidental.  I’m just trying to cut thru the confusopoly*.

* "a group of companies with similar products who intentionally confuse customers instead of competing on price" 

 $           12,700.00 Pre-K tuition
 $           14,200.00 2nd grade tuition
 $           14,350.00 5th grade tuition
 $            750.00 Re-registration child 1
 $              750.00 Re-registration child 2
 $                 800.00 Application fee, child 3
 $                           -   Family building fund (already paid off)
 $              1,300.00 Family obligation
 $                    65.00 Trips & activity fees
 $              2,400.00 3 hot lunchs
 $           47,315.00 TOTAL