Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is Rabbi Knapp Reading This Blog?

Check out the email below from Yavneh.  Looks like they may actually start BEFORE Labor Day next year.  I'm sure some teachers will whine but consider that in Israel they started school on August 27th.  If we are going to have so many days off for the Tishrei chagim, is it so crazy that we need to start before the public schools that, at most, have only 3 days off for Jewish holidays?

Yavneh Academy - ישיבת יבנה
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Now that school is in full swing, I want to draw our attention to the start of school for September 2013. Precisely one year from today, the Thursday after Labor Day, we will be celebrating the first day of Rosh Hashana. Essentially that leaves but one day of school next year between Labor Day and Rosh Hashana. Past practice has been that Yavneh has started school prior to Labor Day when the calendar presents similar scenarios. While we have not yet convened to formally construct next year’s academic calendar, I want to publicize the strong likelihood that school will start before Labor Day next year.  The goal of sharing this email with you now is to avoid any potential end of summer conflicts.
Let us turn our attention to all the school days remaining for a wonderful 2012-2103/5773 school year!
Rabbi Jonathan Knapp