Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Roc Torah Academy Seeks Principal

New Roc Torah Academy is an upcoming Modern Orthodox yeshiva day school in Westchester County that aims to re-envision the classroom to incorporate 21st century educational approaches. We are committed to excellence in Judaic and secular studies, and strive to foster in our students a love of Torah and Mitzvot, a deep commitment to Klal Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael, and an understanding of the importance of Derech Eretz and Chessed. We recognize that each child learns differently; we plan to utilize a blend of face-to-face learning with computer-based learning, project based learning, and peer-led learning to provide high quality, differentiated education (collectively referred to as “Blended Learning”). Our goal is to educate our students to become active learners, analytical thinkers, independent thinkers, and problem solvers. We hope to model the school largely similar to the way Yeshivat He’atid (Teaneck) is planning on doing (opens Sep 2012), with education that is innovative, while financially sustainable, and can be replicated in other schools and communities. We are looking to fill our principal role with a student-centric educator who embraces technology. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for an educator to reinvent the future of Jewish education. We plan to open in September 2013 with a minimum of K-1st grade, and grow a grade per year. Responsibilities include: • working closely with the Executive Board to ensure successful implementation of school vision and goals • setting the tone of the school, including "hashkafa" • leading the implementation of a hybrid (technology / face-to-face / project-based) learning model (“Blended Learning”) • development of Judaic/secular curriculum • interviewing and hiring teachers/staff • supervise, mentor and evaluate all staff • staying current with the latest education research and practices • working with the Executive Board to promote the school and recruit students • representing the school at community events

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