Tuesday, September 4, 2012

104 Days of Summer Vacation

Ok, more like 80 by my count.  [Anyone know how Phineas and Ferb got 104?]  I understand that kids need a break from learning but 2 weeks should be more than enough to rest their fragile little brains.  If we had school through the summer maybe we could shave a couple of years off the education part of our lives & spend a bigger portion being productive.  As it is now many people are in some form of school until age 25 & then retire at 62 & live till 80.  So that's less than half of our lives being productive.  And we are competing with countries like China that have school through mid-July with much of the rest of summer vacation taking summer classes or studying for entrance exams.

Anyhoo, I'm glad at least the "School of the Future" is taking a small step in the right direction by starting classes today rather than tomorrow as the other YDS's are. Yasher Koach to the teachers and staff for working hard last week to get everything ready so we don't need to waste more days with the kids at home watching cartoons or staring at their ipods.  Especially now that all camps and mini-camps are over.

By tonight we should find out if we have in BC the Greatest Educational Model ever created or the biggest train wreck since the Shalom Academy Charter School.  Or just a normal modern orthodox Pre-K to 1st grade. I'm thinking that 3rd option is most likely.  Teachers have said that the computer-based learning will be phased in after the chagim.  And this recent article in the Jewish Standard quotes the Principal, Rabbi Gralla as saying that "he expects first graders to spend 20 minutes a day on the computers for English or math. (Younger students will use them less.)"  So it's a pretty small component of the day & doesn't seem to be a major cost-saver.  Perhaps in the older grades, which are more costly to run, there will be more Blended Learning which will result in cost savings, though I still haven't gotten a good explanation of how.

Good luck and G-d bless to He'atid and BPY today!

To the parents and staff of the other schools, enjoy isru chag Labor Day!  Thank you for those who are working hard setting up the classrooms. Good luck and G-d bless tomorrow!