Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flipped Classroom tried at....Moriah

At the He'atid parlor meetings we were told about the concept of "flipped classrooms," where lessons would be taught online through pre-recorded lectures & problem solving (or "homework") would be done in class with a teacher present to assist when necessary.  The term "flipped classrom" was invented by educational pioneer Salman Khan as part of his "Khan Academy."  Khan seems to imply that the purpose is to individualize the educational experience & let students learn at their own pace, but He'atid seemed to imply that it was a cost-saving measure.

I'm not clear how it saves money since you still need a teacher for the same amount of hours.  Perhaps it would reduce resource room needs if the teacher was helping students with the exercises.  But even if it doesn't save money it certainly would help the parents if they didn't have to sit with the kids while they are doing homework.

Anyway, one local Jewish Day School tried the model recently & it wasn't He'atid.  From Moriah's website:

Students in Mrs. Koslowe's 6th Grade math classes tookpart this week in a "Flipped Classroom" experiment, while leaning about Exponents.  In a Flipped Classroom, learning takes place primarily online and most class time is used to practice and reinforce concepts.  The teacher moves from his/her role in the traditional classroom of "Sage on the Stage" to a new role of "Guide on the Side"  Mrs. Koslowe's students watched the online Video Tutors that work in conjunction with our Pearson Math textbooks and began practicing at home by taking the 5 question online quiz on the topic of Exponents and Simplifying Expressions that contain exponents.  Quizzes are scored by the computer and can be retaken, with similar questions of the same genre, until a perfect score is achieved.  A link to Pearson's web page is accessed through Mrs. Koslowe's homepage on HAIKU, our new homework and learning management program.