Friday, October 19, 2012

Teaneck BOE Candidates on Charter Schools

Here are some statements made by each of the BOE candidates about Charter Schools:


"Charter schools are a fact of life," said Trustee David Diuguid. "We should focus our energy not in attempting to block them, but in making sure that those that come here come for a worthwhile reason."  Residents should have a voice about which charter schools come to their communities, Diuguid said.


The quest for funding and the demise of charter schools continues to be espoused by many within the NJ hierarchy without adequate regard to efficient and effective spending.


Board of Education Vice President Gervonn Rice said she hoped to lobby the governor about reforming charter school legislation to allow voters in local districts to weigh in on the creation of charter schools and to ensure they are held to the same standards as traditional public schools.
“It should be the same level of accountability,” she said.


Quality public education is a cornerstone of democratic government. Not only does it help children to become more intelligent and informed voters as adults, it also provides access to opportunities for the socioeconomic betterment for every student. That is why I support Save Our Schools NJ [Ed: see below from Save Our Schools, NJ]. –Sarah Rappoport, Teaneck

From Save Our Schools NJ:

Assault on New Jersey’s Public Schools Part II – Eroding Local Control

In addition to being starved financially, the schools are facing an onslaught of legislative and executive actions that take away local control and further limit the funds available for public education, including

§  Charter school expansion that ignores local voter preferences
§  Siphoning off of limited public funds for private and religious school vouchers


Shelley Worrell · Teaneck High School

The PTO Council supports the Teaneck Board of Ed's postion: The following is the position of the Teaneck Board of Education regarding the proposed New Jersey Garden State Virtual Charter School:
• We are not against charter schools.
• We are not against virtual learning.
• We are not against virtual charter schools.
• We ARE against the present statutes and regulations that allow a virtual charter school application to threaten the very existence of the Teaneck public school system. Therefore, we demand a moratorium on all virtual charter school applications until the laws are changed to protect Teaneck’s and all New Jersey public schools.