Wednesday, December 5, 2012

He'atid High

Now that our kids are getting a little older it's time to start worrying about high school tuition.  Some of the Yeshiva high schools that draw a lot of students from Bergen County include Frisch, TABC, Maayanot & MTA.  I compiled the total cost for sending a child to each of these schools for 4 years, assuming no scholarship, one-child in the family attending, fees paid on time, no dorm & no changes in the fees.  Here's what it comes to:

Frisch      $105,950
MTA         $97,840
Ma'ayanot $85,365
TABC       $88,576

Some of the critics of He'atid argue that younger children don't have the attention span to learn from a computer.  I disagree.  But I wonder if those critics would have the same problem with a high school that emphasized computer-based learning.  I don't really get how computer based learning saves money in early childhood if you still have 2 teachers in the room but in high school there can be periods where you don't need a teacher at all.

We need someone that can get this off the ground.  Help us GD!