Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frisch Schedule 2012/2013

Frisch announces a new schedule (after the jump).  Still off Isru Chag Labor Day and Erev Shavuot for inexplicable reasons.  Yeshiva Week is really 1.6 weeks.

No days off for Channukah "in order to fit in all the days we need for the year".  In other words they have the minimum amount of school days allowed by law.

The Yeshiva High Schools should be aware that the angry YDS parents will soon be angry YHS parents and we will be demanding more education for our exorbitant tuitions.  I know a lot of teachers are on board with more days as long as their kids' schools are off the same days so they have coverage.

Dear Parent:

The following, in broad outline, is the calendar for The Frisch School's 2012-2013 academic year.
We will be starting school on Wednesday, the 5th of September (while many schools will begin the next day). Freshman Orientation will be Tuesday evening, the 4th.
School will be closed:
Sept. 17-18 (Monday-Tuesday) Rosh Hashanah
Sept. 25-26 (Tuesday-Wednesday) Erev Yom Kippur/Yom Kippur
October 1-9 Monday-Tuesday  Sukkot Break
Nov. 22-23 (Thursday-Friday) Thanksgiving Break
PLEASE NOTE that in order to fit in all the days we need for the year there will be no Friday or Monday off during Chanukah.
December 25 and January 1 (Tuesdays) Legal Holidays
Jan. 16-27 (Wednesday-Sunday) Winter Break. First day off is Wednesday, the 16th; we return Monday, the 28th.
Feb. 18 (Monday) Presidents Day (PLEASE NOTE that in order to fit in all the days we need for the year there will be classes on Friday, the 15th).
March 22- April 3 (Friday-Wednesday) Pesach Break (Erev Peach is Monday, the 25th; we're off from the preceding Friday. Pesach ends on Tuesday, the 2nd; we resume Thursday, the 4th.
May 14-16 (Tuesday-Thursday) Shavuot Break
May 27 Memorial Day
Last Day of Classes for Grades 9-11: Monday, June 3.
Graduation: Thursday evening, the 6th.
Final Exams (9-11) may well extend through Monday the 17th of June (although we will make every effort to conclude by the previous Friday, the 14th).