Monday, April 30, 2012

Teaneck Council Election May 8

Teaneck has an election for Town Council on Tuesday, May 8th.  I urge all readers from Teaneck to vote in that election.  While most of us do not have children in the public school system we are still affected by public policy as we’ve discussed when it comes to vouchers, aid to private schools for technology, charter schools, etc.  While many of these items are decided by the local school boards or at the state level there is still a significant amount of influence that the local town council has on these decisions.  Deadline for a Vote-by-maill application is tomorrow, May 1st.  Download an application here:

Last week I sent out an email to the candidates running for council asking them their positions on these issues.  I will post the responses as I get them.  I understand that people get a little emotional when it comes to politics but please try to keep the comments respectful.  The candidates have taken time to address our issues and we should try to comment on them with derech eretz.  Comments with personal attacks will be deleted. Here’s the letter:


Dear Teaneck Council candidates,

I am writing to you as the moderator of a blog that discusses Jewish Day Schools in Bergen County (  The site gets about 1,000 hits a day, mostly from parents of day school students.  Teaneck residents make up the largest share of the parent body.
I was hoping you could address some of the issues that affect parents of non-public school children that you could impact in your capacity as council members.  While I understand that many of these issues are better addressed by the school board, I understand that the Town Council has some say in the matters as well, especially in years when the public gets to vote on the school budget and the council gets to alter it in the event that it gets voted down.
Some of the issues are:

            1.   Courtesy busing for private schools.  Do you favor keeping it even in times of fiscal austerity?

2.       Charter schools – do you think a virtual charter could be based in Teaneck?  (Obviously the cost of it would have to be borne by all the municipalities where the students come from and not just Teaneck)

       What about charter schools with Hebrew immersion or other languages?

       Do you support vouchers in general?  (Not really a Teaneck issue but as a local politician State & Federal officials may seek your input)

       There was a bill in the NJ legislature (A238) that would reinstate $7M in non-public school technology aid to NJ school districts that was cut from the state budget in 2010.  Would you support a bill like that?

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my questions.